Firefox Launched New Browser Update July 2018| All Features & Support

Firefox is still considered one of the most popular browsers that has been offering pleasant web browsing experience over billions of people worldwide.

Firefox continues standing well on its customer’s expectation by featuring latest fruitful updates in browsers. With its all new update in June 2018, Firefox has come up with an advance update of Firefox focus making it smarter and faster than any other. With this new update with new extra loaded features, Mozilla Firefox promises to have best Firefox ever, uses 30% less memory than chrome and offers private browsing with tracking protection.

You can either update this latest Firefox 61.0.1 directly from Mozilla website or call Mozilla Firefox Helpline Number in case you face difficulty downloading or installing one or experiencing any other error with your already installed Mozilla version.

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Key Highlights for this New Firefox Update

Add Search Engines: With this new Firefox update, users can now easily add custom search engines to the location bar in Firefox. The feature thus enables quicker and more streamlined search functionality. Try searching for a celebrity and the Firefox automatically search through IMDB in the location bar.

Tab Warming: Enjoy the speedier response times available with this new version and freely start switching between tabs. Firefox keeps on loading tabs when you keep on hovering.

Retained Display Lists: Now get quick access to the pages you frequently visit! Firefox added this new functionality that locally remembers content you visited previously. The amazing thing is that page doesn’t need to be reloaded each time you go to the site. Looking for help? Dial Mozilla Firefox Tech support number and speak to our technician over any Mozilla issue.

Accessibility Tools Inspector: This new version comes up with ability for creators and developers to easily make pages for users with accessibility requirements. Now enjoy this stronger Firefox.

WebExtension Tab Management: With WebExtensions feature available in new version, you can now hide tabs as well as manage if you want a particular tab remain open or closed. The feature is extremely beneficial when for instance you’re listening to music in a tab, but you don’t really want that tab taking up space as you browse the web.

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Looking to download this latest version of Firefox Quantum? Then visit us here at Mozilla Firefox Support number.


Looking for Assistance? Dial Mozilla Firefox Helpline Number

If you still can’t connect to your website using Mozilla browser, we recommend you to dial Browser Technical Support phone number 1-800-358-0071. Our expert team will help you Download, setup, and install Browser in Mac, laptop and PC. We provide all Browser Help for Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird Email Support, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and internet explorer to Troubleshoot Error by best Mozilla technicians.

Just note down our toll free Mozilla Firefox Customer Support Numbers:

USA/Canada– 1-800-358-0071

UK- +44 -800-046-5700

AU- +61-1800-769-903


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