2017’s Fastest Windows 10 Web Browser-Firefox Quantum All Set to Launch on November 14

Mozilla has released the Firefox 57 beta, a completely overhauled browser that will be called Firefox Quantum and will be launched next month on November 14, 2017. The New Firefox will feature many more improvements with respect to speed and performance, and a modern, intuitive design to match.

Mozilla has also claimed Firefox Quantum to be faster than Google Chrome which was easily the best and fastest till now. Let us see some of its promised features:

Learn the Exciting Features of Firefox Quantum

2x faster

Powered by a new, cutting-edge engine, Firefox has doubled its speed from last year. The address bar can now be used for: search, recover, save and share pages as you go. Mozilla boasts that Firefox Quantum is twice as fast at loading popular websites as it was earlier and claims on its own tests of the beta that it beats Chrome to many websites, including the Google login page.


Lean, mean speed machine

Firefox Quantum’s new engine uses 30% less memory than Chrome, so other programs won’t slow down during browsing. Sounds exciting isn’t?

Sleek, Beautiful & Intelligent Design

Firefox is now sleek with a complete new look loaded with intuitive features like in-browser screenshots and more.

Hold it together

The new Firefox library puts the great things you’ve found and saved in one convenient place.

More responsive tab switching

The all-new New Tab gives you quick access to your top sites and recommendations from around the web. Search across multiple sites, view your top pages and discover new content.

Firefox now prioritizes active tabs so that these download and run before other tabs that are open in the background.


Enjoy everything you’ve saved to Firefox while browsing in one, easy place.


Personalize Firefox with your favorite extras that help you do you.

Mobile Browsing

Access your bookmarks, open tabs and passwords across all your devices.

Powerful privacy

You’re in control of your online information. Use Firefox Private Browsing to block ads with trackers for extra peace of mind and pages that load up to 44% faster.

Browse for good

Firefox is backed by the non-profit Mozilla, who keeps the Internet healthier through programs that support tech education for girls, create trust around factual news, bring civility to the comments section and more.

A new modern interface called Photon for high DPI displays

On Windows PCs with a touch display, menu sizes adjust to suit a mouse or finger. It also introduces a new look to menus, square tabs, a Library button that is a home for bookmarks, downloads, history, saved Pocket articles, and so forth.

Firefox Quantum will Work on OS

Mozilla said that the new browser will feel natural on both touch- and mouse-based systems, including Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, Android Oreo, and iOS 11.

So Don’t miss out — Firefox Quantum launches on November 14, 2017.

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News Source: Mozilla

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