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Among the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Edge, Opera, UC etc, Firefox is my favorite browser, the reason being its ease of use, utility & extra security features.

Mozilla Firefox is a highly popular internet browser and it can be freely downloaded. It is customisation and highly fast. Follow this blog to Install Mozilla Firefox on your computer, Mac, or Android gadget so as to learn the downloading and installation procedure as well as the exact method to install various custom add-ons. For instant Mozilla Firefox Customer support number, call toll free number 1-800-358-0071 for USA.


Why Firefox Browser is Favourite Among Users?

The Firefox Browser is exceptionally well known among business experts and home users since it has many components that others don’t have. Some of them being:

Better Design: First of all, Firefox is a superior outlined program. The better is outlined a framework, the simpler it is to refresh and to keep up, on the grounds that the subsystems work between each other coordinatedly.

Simple Navigation: Firefox has the better navigational framework. Firefox was the first to incorporate selected perusing to permit different sites in a similar window. In the event that you attempt to do this with different programs, you will wind up with such a large number of windows opened that it could crash your PC.

Continuous Update: You can refresh the usefulness of the product. There are numerous modules that you can add to Firefox to make it friendlier.

Easy Printing Facility: One critical component is the printing office. Firefox alters the measure of the archive to fit the page you are utilizing and facilitate your printing.

More Secure: The most essential thing about Firefox is that it was outlined in view of security. Firefox cautions about “phising” sites. Those are sites that resemble the genuine article, yet are possessed by other individuals which can read all what you write in there, including your login name, secret key, your own information and all you write in the fake site. Firefox helps you recognize this sort of site pages, blocking access to those locales.

Reasons Why You Should Be Using Mozilla Firefox


Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using the Firefox Browser over other browsers:

Quicker Browsing

Firefox has an effective reserve framework that stores destinations that you visit as often as possible, so that whenever you need to see that site once more, it loads speedier in Firefox. Studies show that most of the browsers does not load a page quicker then Firefox. The last uses less assets and can be changed to make the best utilization of the PC’s abilities.


Since Firefox is open source, the program is equipped for being totally adaptable. You can change the topic of the program, outline and connect modules that you pick and you can piece pictures. The modules accessible are awesome. You can include spell checkers, interpreters and numerous other valuable applications.

Plugin Support

One of the best elements, particularly for Internet advertisers, is the plugin bolster for Firefox. You can download an introduce modules appropriate from your program and modify it to fit your needs. One of the best plugins for advertisers is the SEO for Firefox.

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This should be #1 overall, since security is a major concern online – but how good is security if you can’t browse fast enough to even think about it. Firefox will warn a user when a risk is evident and will even stop you from visiting known hacker, spyware and virus sites — so your computer stays healthier, longer.

Despite the many improvements made in the latest version of Internet Explorer (version 7), there are still many security issues related to the browser. Firefox does not use Active X, which can easily be manipulated to spread viruses and spyware. Although Firefox is not completely safe, its track record demonstrates that its developers consider browser security as paramount.

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Download Manager

Firefox enables you to control your download documents in one fly up interface. You can delay a download, expel a download, returned and download the record at a later time. What’s more, you told of the size and area of the download when it is finished. Since Firefox is a large portion of the span of the monstrous Internet Explorer, download times are sliced down the middle.

Firefox makes it less demanding to oversee downloads by arranging the download data in a solitary place however you can likewise delay the download and begin it again at a later helpful time.

Page Info

Regardless of what page you are survey in Firefox, you can simply “right-click’ anyplace and the Page Info box will open up, which gives the watchers general data, media that can be found on the page, consents and page security (in a selected configuration).

Blocking Images

You’ve without a doubt seen a site before that was loaded with pictures, promotions or pictures that truly occupied you from acquiring the outcome you were searching for. In Firefox, you can debilitate all pictures by essentially “right-clicking” on a picture and select the choice to square all pictures on that page.

Firefox allows you to block images: Should you visit a site that has lots of images on it, for example adverts then Firefox allows you to block any images specific to that site. This is great as it improves the speed that it takes for the website to load. Internet Explorer does not have this functionality.

Open Source

Firefox is an open-source extend by Mozilla. This is leeway on the grounds that actually a large number of autonomous software engineers can take a shot at building Firefox and investigate and repair any predicted security issues the program may involvement, before they even happen.

Password Manager

Firefox has a password manager is incorporated into the browser so that you may easily store usernames, email addresses and passwords for your favorite sites. If you ever forget what your username or password is, Firefox allows you to easily access the information in their security tab. You can also delete one, or remove all passwords with one click of a button.

Restore Previous Session

Has your browser ever crashed at the wrong possible time and you had to go back and try to redo what just got undone? Firefox comes with the ‘Restore Session’ feature, so even if your browser abruptly shuts down, when you enable Firefox again, you will be given a choice to restore previous session, or start a new session.firefox-cust-hero

Best Mozilla Firefox Customer Support

Dial Browser Technical Support phone number 1-800-358-0071 to Download, setup, install Browser in Mac, laptop and PC. We provide all Browser Help for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and internet explorer to Troubleshoot Error by Customer Support.

Just note down our toll free number for US, UK & AU 1-800-358-0071 (US), +44-800-046-5700 (UK), +61-1800-769-903 (AU).


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