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Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft and is included in your Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One and Windows Holographic. Microsoft Edge has replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser in Windows 10.

This post offers you some exciting Edge Browser features that will help you know & get the best of this new web browser in your Windows 10.

Features of your Edge Browser

Customize your Edge browser

Edge Browser can be customized as per the way you like.

Choose Dark Theme or Lighten Up

Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10, allows you to set  Dark or lighten up Theme. This feature is useful for people who prefer to use dark themes, especially at nights or in the dark, as it is considered to cause lesser strain on the eyes. Using dark themes limits the intensity, conserves battery and makes it easier to work long hours.

Change default search engine

The default search provider is Bing in Edge browse that you can always change as per your choice. Just follow the instructions specified thereon about how to change Default Search to Google or Firefox in Edge.

Set multiple homepages

A home page is a web address that is opened automatically when you fire up your web browser. You can set your favorite website, blog or search engine as your home page or you can set a blank page too. Like all web browser, the new Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 too lets you set a single home page or multiple homepages.

Edge keyboard shortcuts

Edge too, like all other browsers, supports the use of keyboards to help you browse and navigate quickly. For example, for adding a website quickly to Microsoft Edge’s bookmark list. Just press CTRL+D and you are done.

Manage passwords & autofill

Edge browser lets you manage passwords & Form-fills in Windows 10. Now you dont need to remember or type the information again & again information since your browser can now offers to fill the web forms automatically for you.

Add a Home button

Edge allows you to add a Home button. The Home button is turned off by default in Microsoft Edge as most people prefer to use the setting that allows them to start where they left in the previous session.

Import favorites into Edge

Need to import your favorites from other browsers? Now you can do this with your all new Edge Browser.

Make a Web Note

Edge is the only browser available till date that allows you to annotate a web page right on the screen and then save your markings as notes or send it to other users. It lets you take notes, write, highlight directly on web pages or scribble on the web.

Share Panel

You can increase the number of options by installing new apps from the Windows Store. The background colour of the Sharing Panel depends on your default colour settings.

Use Cortana as a Search Assistant

Cortana is Microsoft’s new intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator for Windows 10.  Cortana, powered by Bing, is built directly into Windows 10.  You not only can use it from the Start menu but it’s also integrated with Microsoft Edge, so it can help you in quick internet searches.

For example- By typing the word “weather”, Cortana shows the current weather of your location with a nice visual weather icon.

Show the Favorites bar

You can show the Favorites bar using Settings menu. There is an option under Settings that says “Show Favorites Bar”. Click on the button towards ON state to display the Favorites bar. This option is not available as a context menu item, as in Internet Explorer.

Open web page in IE

In case you were a fan of Internet Explorer, you don’t have to worry as it’s still integrated in Microsoft Edge. Just click on More actions, and then on Open with Interner Explorer. IE will instantly open that web page.

Get Rid of Unwanted Ads & Distractions

If you sometimes find flashing ads, comment sections, sidebar widgets, and other distractions annoying, and feel you can’t concentrate on your reading because of them, you will make good use of Microsoft Edge’s “Reading View” feature.

Install extension in Edge browser & Be Safe from Troublesome Extensions

You can now install extension on Edge to enhance your web browsing experience and be safe from such extensions that generally creates hassle. Microsoft Edge doesn’t support browser extensions that can be used for different exploits such as ActiveX, VML, and VB scripts. Only one scripting language is allowed and that is JavaScript.

Pin Web Pages to the Start Menu

You can easily pin important web pages to your Start Menu with the help of the “Pin to Start” feature. This gives you easy access to sites you frequently visit. The option can be found inside the “More actions” menu in the top left-hand corner (marked by 3 dots).

Make use of Doodle On Microsoft Edge

When you are ready with the page, you can save the note, so you can return to it at any time.

Dont these features of Microsoft Edge sound exciting?

Looking for Edge Browser Customer Care Helpline?

Call our Edge Browser Technical Support Helpline 1-800-358-0071 (US), +44-800-046-5700 (UK), +61-1800-769-903 (AU).

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